Mr. Phillips
Welcome to 6th Grade Science Class
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About me...
I have been married for 40 years, and have two grown daughters, a son-in-law, and two granddaughters! Besides Mrs. Phillips, beagles Patch and Wait-a-Bit, and Feathers the cockatiel share my home.

As the oldest of eight children with five brothers and two sisters, I became a teacher of others at an early age! My students are numbered in the thousands, and have included persons of all ages. My teachings have taken place on the tops of mountains, at the bottoms of canyons, in the depths of caves, in northern winter woods, along wilderness whitewater rivers, on sandy freshwater beaches, and along rocky ocean shores.

In addition to being a middle school science teacher, I have also been an elementary school teacher, a college teacher, a Sunday school and Bible class teacher, a substitute teacher, a school custodian, a geologist, a volunteer fireman, a carpenter's assistant, a laborer, a short-order breakfast cook, an automotive assembly line worker, a dishwasher, a co-owner of a charter fishing boat and sporting goods business, an archival/genealogical researcher, a sod farmer, a service station mechanic, and unemployed.

I enjoy the outdoors, especially canoeing, hunting, snow shoeing, making firewood, camping, and fishing. I also read, journal, write poetry, research family history, brew beer, make jam, and fashion canoe poles, walking sticks, and canes.

"There are a lot of lessons
to be learned,
and not all are pleasant."
---Alice Phillips