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"Trees and stoneswill teach youthat which
you cannot learn from libraries."
---St. Bernard

The Berkshire Middle School Geology Club is in its eleventh year and is open to all students and staff of the Berkshire Educational Community. This after school club provides extended learning and enrichment opportunities in geological sciences to students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, and staff.

Meetings are held at least monthly, occurring on varying week days to allow more students to participate. Monthly meeting agendas include refreshments and fellowship, an educational program that may include a guest speaker/expert, a rock, mineral, or fossil of the month, and a prize drawing. Speakers have been local scientists, parents, grandparents, and Berkshire staff. Meeting dates and times are publicized via hallway posters and science teachers.

Field expeditions in the past have included after school and Saturday trips to examine the tombstones of Greenwood Cemetery in Birmingham, the gravel Mining region of north Oakland County near Oxford, the building stones of Somerset Mall, the glacial geology of west Oakland County near Milford, a behind-the-scenes experience in the paleontology laboratory at Cranbrook Institute of Science, and a fossil collecting expedition to Lambton County, Ontario. The group recently assisted the staff of the Birmingham Environmental Center by unpacking and sorting an extensive donated rock, mineral, and fossil collection. Science teacher/geologist, Mark P. Phillips, is the group’s faculty supervisor/sponsor.

Funding is provided from the annual stipend provided to club sponsors by Birmingham Public Schools, and from the personal resources of the club’s faculty supervisor/sponsor.

There is no cost to join the club. To become a member, merely attend a meeting or participate in a field expedition. Students participating in after school activities must arrange for transportation home.