Berkshire Middle School
Mr. Mark P. Phillips
Sixth Grade Science Expectations


I expect my students to: be cooperative, be respectful, be prepared for class, and to always do their best.
Classroom Rules: Consequences for Behavior:
1. Raise your hand. Negative: 1. Silent/Verbal warning.
2. Be attentive. 2. Temporary removal from Classroom.
3. Use time wisely. 3. Phone call/email/note to parent/guardian.
4. Do not interrupt the educational process. 4. Detention and parent/guardian notified.
5. Be prepared. Do not ‘borrow’ things! 5. Sent to the Assistant to the Principal.
  1. No gum chewing.
  2. Water bottles permitted Positive: 1. Silent/Verbal/Written compliment.
with water only. 2. Phone call/email/note to parent/guardian.

Disruptive, disrespectful, or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated!


Scientists cultivate the habit of careful observation, and meticulously record their observations. My students are expected to be responsible for their own learning and to completely fill out their Handbook/Planner/ Assignment Books every day for every academic class! Students are responsible for writing down what happens in class every day, and what the daily assignment is. If a student is absent, they should consult a classmate about what to write, or see me during my lunch period. Periodically, I will inspect these organizational tools and grade them for completeness.

Please stay informed! Read your child’s planner/assignment book and Science Journal! Check Power School regularly! Subscribe (send me your email address) to my weekly Science Newsletter, The Wall Fly!


The process skills of science will be emphasized. Process skills include qualitative and quantitative observation, inference, measurement, recording data, organizing data, interpreting data, classification, prediction, oral communication, listening, written communication, scientific illustration, variable recognition, variable control, experiment design, and hypothesis formulation. Students will be expected to read the textbooks, complete daily assignments, and develop study and test-taking skills.


My students will have daily assignments including weekends. Homework should be completed in your student’s Science Journal. Often, students are given class time to begin their homework. Students who do not use their class time wisely usually end up with more homework than those who do!
All work that has been assigned to be turned in must be done neatly (pencil or blue/back pen), or typed in black ink, double-spaced, and in 12-point size, unless otherwise specified. Encourage your student to type assignments!
Proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling are expected! Encourage your child to read over and check all assignments before they are turned in.
Written responses to questions should always be answered completely, thoughtfully, and in complete sentences. Written answers are expected to restate the question. It should be obvious from the answer what the original question was. Essay questions will be an important part of each test.

Quality writing will be emphasized and graded in Science!

All assignments are to be completed and turned in or presented when they are due. Missing/incomplete work must be completed and turned in at the next class meeting. Late work is marked down one full letter grade. Assignments more than one day late will not be accepted. Exceptions may be made for students with excused absences.
Not all homework will be collected, graded, or have written comments. All homework will be checked for completion in the student’s Science Journal and discussed in class. Students who choose not to do their homework usually do poorly on quizzes and tests!
Papers lost or misplaced by students will not be replaced by Mr. Phillips.

All tests will be sent home for your examination and signature! In cases of excused absences, make-up tests will be given. Students will not be permitted to retake tests they have done poorly on. I expect my students to be prepared on the announced dates. Major assessments such as tests or projects are given every two to three weeks. Important dates should be written by the student in his/her planner/assignment book as soon as they are announced. Announcements are always made well in advance and are posted in the classroom and on Power School.


Periodically, students who have completed all of their homework and graded assignments will be offered opportunities to extend their learning. These occasions may include the participation in activities or events beyond the school day, and completion of studies beyond the normal curriculum. Enrichment Credit will be given to those who take the initiative to enrich themselves! I do not give “Extra Credit.”


Grades are based upon the amount and quality of assignment completions; student science journals; assessments such as tests, quizzes, and special projects; and participation in class activities and discussions. All graded papers will be sent home to you! Let your student know that you expect to receive these items! Be sure to check with your student and Power School frequently!
Grading Scale (%):
93 - 100 = A 83 - 86 = B 73 - 76 = C 63 - 66 = D
90 - 92 = A- 80 - 82 = B- 70 - 72 = C- 60 - 62 = D-
87 - 89 = B+ 77 - 79 = C+ 67 - 69 = D+ Below 60 = E
I will respond to any requests from either the student or parent/guardian regarding student progress.


There is really no way to make up for time missed from class! Classroom discussions and experiences cannot be duplicated. Alternate assignments may or may not be made. Your absent child may just simply miss some classroom experiences. The student is responsible for all material covered by the class during his/her absence. Classmates are also sources of information regarding assignments and classroom happenings. The Online Textbook can be used wherever there is internet access. Some work will not be able to be assigned until after your child returns from a planned absence. Your student should check with me immediately upon returning from an absence.
If you are planning to take your child out of school and would like to know what will be covered in class before the absence, please contact me at least 1 week in advance of the planned absence. Such advance notice should be from the parent/guardian in writing. I need time to thoughtfully prepare an assignment list. In cases of unplanned absences due to illness or family emergency, please allow me 24 hours to fulfill a homework request.

BE PREPARED! Suggested Supplies (Bring to class each day!)

Homework Completed!
Planner/Assignment Book
Science Textbook
Science Journal – A separate spiral bound notebook not to be shared with other subjects.
Folders with pockets for Science handouts.
Notebook paper.
At least two sharp pencils with erasers, and a QUIET hand-held pencil sharpener.
Independent Reading Book – Magazines, comic books, or graphic novels are not acceptable.
Come ready to learn! Students who are repeatedly not prepared for class
will be detained during their lunch period (40 minutes each time).


Sixth graders do not leave for lunch until the end of fourth period. My fourth period students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack and water (to be consumed during class. Examples of healthy snacks are fruit, some granola bars, rice cakes, cheese and crackers, fruit roll-ups… Encourage your student to carry a reusable water bottle. Please avoid any products that may have nuts in them!


I want your student to be successful in my class! I am usually available to assist students in my room during my lunch period, and after school. Some advance notice is appreciated. Students who wish to get help from me during my lunch period should obtain a pass from me before they go to lunch.
Parents/guardians who wish to meet with me should make an appointment. Please do not just drop in! I can be reached via e-mail at . You can also write me a note!

Please contact me as soon as you have any questions or concerns!


The Berkshire Middle School Geology Club encourages interest in the geological sciences through monthly after school meetings, special activities, guest speakers, and field trips. The Club is open to any Berkshire student. There is no cost to participate in the meetings. I am the Club’s Faculty Advisor.

Berkshire’s Environmental Science Club encourages interest and awareness in the environmental sciences through monthly after school meetings, special activities, guest speakers, and field trips. The Club is open to any Berkshire student. Club members will be instrumental in the development of Berkshire’s Environmental Study Area. There is no cost to participate in the meetings. I am the Club’s Faculty Advisor.

NEEDED! Suet cakes and wild bird seed are needed for our courtyard feeders. Large quantities of Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and used tennis balls will be put to use this year!


Mark P. Phillips

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